About Me

I’m Emma-Jane,

The author, web designer and photographer of this blog. I love all things cooking. It makes me so happy. Kind of like how Billy Elliot describes he feels when he dances.

I have always had a passion for a healthy life style and food is a major part of it. I love all fruit and vegetables in all of their amazing colours.

I find it a fun challenge to bake and create something that is a sweet treat but actually good for you. That is my main focus but I cant help but embrace all things cooking.

I have been a web designer for around 6 years but since having my 2 babies and being at home I have had an opportunity to bake more and experiment more with food, and thought I may as well document my journey. So here we have my blog.

I am in no way an expert when it comes to cooking but I have learnt so much about food since I found it was my passion. I have trialed so many recipes, methods and ingredients. I have learnt so much about the ingredients in our food, what is truly natural and good for us, and also so much about all of the different health benefits from different fruits, vegetables and other whole foods.

Join me along my journey.