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Healthier Cinnamon Rolls

Autumn is creeping in, and I am excited. I thought i’d be sad about summer ending but when it does I’m actually so excited for the beauty of Autumn. A whole new range of seasonal fruit and vegetables and all of those wintery root vegetables and spices. Cinnamon sings autumn and winter to me so this can be my first Autumn style bake.

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Avocado Brunch

It’s crazy to think once upon a time I thought I didn’t like eggs. Now I eat them nearly every day! I’m still a bit funny about them. Unlike most people, I can not deal with runny egg – it has to be cooked. My favourite ways to cook eggs are scrambled or in an omelette. One of my FAVOURITE things to eat is scrambled eggs on toast with very well seasoned avocado. Its so quick and easy, fills me up for hours and provides loads of great nutrition.

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Coconut Cookies

Not everyone loves coconut. In fact a lot of people hate it, so this post may not be for you 🙂 however if you (like me) love all things coconut then you will loves these cookies. They have a very intense coconut flavour and even has hints of coconut texture.

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