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Healthy Protein Chocolate Cake

I promised my gym crazy little brother I would make this cake for his birthday. Unfortunately I’ve been away around his birthday so its a little late but better than never hey.

I can only assume he takes after me with his health conscious eating. So this cake had to be on the healthier side. I’m actually really surprised at how absolutely delicious this cake turned out – thats why I’m posting about it. It was moist. It was decadent.

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Well what a busy few weeks I’ve had, hence the lack of baking lately. I’ve visited 2 of my favourite places – Amsterdam and Portugal. It has been truly amazing. Amazing to do something other than be in the baby bubble i’ve been stuck in for so long and to be able to have fun again and forget about nap schedules and healthy eating. I have come back feeling more calm and easy going. It feels like things have been put into perspective. And boy did I treat myself to some amazing food.

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Oreo Cookies Volume 1

So I’ve been eating really healthy lately but I’m going to Amsterdam this weekend for my birthday – extremely exciting for me and I cant stop thinking about all of the amazing corner street bakeries they have there. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam central you will surely remember the huge chocolate covered waffles, cakes and giant pastries. Everything was just huge. I cant wait to get some inspiration while I am there.

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Super Seed Flapjacks

Greetings comrades. I’m back today to share another healthy bake with you. I’ve been thinking about sharing my healthy flapjack recipe for a while now and as so many people liked my healthy chocolate muffins, I thought you would all like this too! We also needed some snacks in the house. These healthy flapjacks are another one of my go to healthy bakes for my kids.

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My Favourite Smoothie Recipes

Praise the lord for smoothies. I love them so much and I would feel totally lost in life without my beloved nutribullet. Smoothies are my way of getting a great dose of nutrients and vitamins, usually first thing in the morning. I feel I start the day feeling revived and not sluggish for the rest of the day.

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Parsnip & Maple Syrup Cake

I saw this recently at a local cafe. I’d never heard of it before so I thought, wow, I’ve got to try this! We have carrot cake, why not parsnip cake?

I used my usual carrot cake recipe as a base, but tweaked the spices and swapped out brown sugar for maple syrup.

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Super Healthy Chocolate Muffins

Hello hello, and welcome. Do you have the constant worry about your how healthy your kids diets are? I do and i’m tired of convincing them to eat healthy foods. That’s why I often make healthy snacks for them which they are more than willing to munch on, including these sneaky sugar free healthy chocolate muffins. My kids beg for these and I can just gladly hand one over without the worry. I still encourage the fruit and vegetables of course 😉

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Strawberry & Cream Cake

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today is mothers day, a perfect opportunity to try out something new and beautiful for my momma. I usually make her a carrot cake but as she loves cream cakes and I love strawberries, I thought i’d try out this beauty. The cream gives a lovely light addition as appose to intensely sweet icing. And the fruit gives a deliciously sweet freshness. I am a fan.

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